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Sattel Chile got the Gold Award in the Innovation category by Bci's Outstanding Entrepreneur Award 2014

April 05, 2016

Jairo Sarmiento, owner and manager of the local company, moved to Santiago to receive therecognition under the BCI Outstanding Entrepreneur Award 2014.

Gold in the category of Innovation, Satel Chile is national company with reach in the northern macro area. The ceremony was held at the Teatro Mori of Parque Arauco, and It was attended by Luis Enrique Yarur, chairman of the BCI bank, along with Thomas Flores, Marcos Kulka, and other important figures in the business world of the country.

For the owner and general manager of Sattel Chile, Jairo Sarmiento Bugueño, this award represented a recognition and a very important step for his company. - in the context of this competition Sattel Chile obtsined a vide recorded and produced By the audiovisual Company Woki Toki, which show the client how well structurated and organized is the model used by Sattel Chile. "With this award, a job we have been doing for 20 years and is recognized, Moreover, we jump, we achieved national notoriety, and hopefully, this will help us continue growing as Sattel Chile," said the businessman.

The Outstanding Entrepreneur Award (PED), the Investment Credit Bank (BCI), aims to identify and recognize among its clients small and medium enterprises - SMEs, those who by their efforts, ingenuity, management and vision, have been able to establish success stories and are an example to follow.

This award recognizes, in 5 categories, the bussinesman that best represents the characteristics and values ​​of BCI. The categories are: "Innovation", "Sustainable Business", "born", "Women entrepreneurs" and "customer experience."

The 2014 version of this award, was attended by 400 candidates nationwide, of which 25 cases reached the final, five finalists for each category.

Sattel Chile ran in the Innovation category prize which is aimed at entrepreneurs who have implemented specific solutions, identifying unmet needs and introducing an innovative product or service to satisfy it.

Prominent actors of the public-private business world make up the select jury of the XII version of the Entrepreneur Award BCI. Innovation in this category was composed of: Paula Valenzuela, General Manager Enterprise Generation; Patricio Aguilera, Managing Innovation CORFO; Mario Pavon, vice president of Probe; Guillermo Ponce, CEO of VTR; Claudia Goycoolea, Sales Manager Mobile Web and BCI.
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