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Autonomous Solar Tower

The Autonomous solar tower is equipped with four LED projectors, with a high performance area covered, Also, It is powered by photovoltaic solar panels and batteries to store energy and work with a 15-hours minimum autonomy for non-stop operations.

The tower is fully portable from one place to another as it is drawing truck mounted with photovoltaic panels, battery bank, electrical safety and operation. The shopping tower can be hooked on all truck that has a hitch ball type system 2. "

The tower is hinged at 360 ° LED projectors area can be changed from their position in order to illuminate the desired area best way according to the final position which should have the car, considering that photovoltaic panels must always They are oriented to the north.

The maintenances of autonomous solar tower are inexpensive because cleaning should be performed only to the photovoltaic panels every certain period according to climatic and geographical conditions of the area where it is installed.