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Drilling Protection System

Currently in teams miners drill, you do not have alarms and protections of some critical parts operation, which can be damaged by a botched operation and wear of mechanical parts, the most common injuries that occur are the impact of the carousel with the head, breaking bolt key cutting impact head with the top of the tower, drill rods that remain in the well when the drill moves and damage to the pivot of the tower when done the angular movement with the pins placed.

Sattel Chile has developed safeguards to prevent operations conducted when critical parts are exposed to suffer damage, preventing the operator to perform the operation. This system protects the following devices:

  • Carousel Monitoring System, called SMC.
  • Cutting Key with Key cutting Protection System , called PKC.
  • Drill rod when the drill is set in motion with a secure drive system , called STS.
  • Head to Head Race limiter system, called LCC.
  • Derrick with angular movement Protection System, called PMA.
  • Cables and chains with Pulldown Monitoring System, called SMP.
  • This system reduces damage to critical parts and increased uptime of drilling equipment.